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About WV CEC


  • To improve learning and the quality of life for WV students with exceptionalities and their families through professional excellence and advocacy


  • An organization of passionate and indispensable WV educators who use our voice, skills, and expertise to shape education policy and practice that transform and improve student learning and the profession in WV.


  • Increase our contribution to the development of WV special educators and others who work with students with exceptionalities
  • Increase membership and the diversity of our members (parents, teachers, service personnel, and students) so that CEC resources have a greater impact 
  • Collaborate with WV Institutions of Higher Education (IHE), school districts, legislators, businesses and non-profits to support educator development, recruitment, and retention  
WVCEC Officers

Dr. Traci Tuttle
Membership Committee Chair

The reason I serve as a WVCEC board member is that I found this organization to be a tremendous resource to me as a college student, teacher, teacher educator, and state facilitator in special education. I value the ability to generate a state-wide network of like-minded individuals who hold equitable education and success for individuals with disabilities in the highest regard.

Whitney White

The reason I serve as a WVCEC board member is to ensure I serve the students and teachers of WV to the best of my ability. “CEC is known as THE source for information, resources, and professional development for special educators.” It is my duty, as a board member, to ensure this message is heard in WV!  

Jennifer Anderson
Interim Secretary

The reason I serve as a WVCEC board member is to remain current on best practices and resources regarding special education. Staying informed allows me to better support educators across WV. Serving as a WVCEC board member allows me to have a community of fellow educators from around the world with whom I can collaborate and learn.  I also believe in the advocacy work of CEC.

Jill Pangle

The reason I serve as a WVCEC board member is because I understand the need for experts in special education.

Terri Hoit
Outstanding Teacher Award Committee Chair

The reason I serve as a WVCEC board member is that it gives me the ability to be a part of an organization that puts the needs of children with special needs in the forefront. As a parent of a child (now adult) with a disability and a professional working in the field, the CEC creates opportunities to enhance my own personal growth and leadership as well as developing and supporting others.  

Dr. Debra Lockwood
Yes, I Can Awards Committee Chair

The reason I serve as a WVCEC board member is that I enjoy connecting our preservice students at Marshall who are just starting out in the field with the organization. I hope my contributions as an executive member help to promote advocacy for families, students, and teachers. I also hope to demonstrate the importance of being a quality special education teacher in West Virginia.

Alison Stevenson
CAN Representative

The reason I serve as a WVCEC board member is to serve WV students with exceptionalities by helping to develop other WV educators. My desire is to be an exemplary educator by providing model lessons that demonstrate excellence in practice, supporting and advising colleagues, and leading professional development efforts of teachers. I consider it an honor to have been chosen the 2019-2020 WVCEC Outstanding Teacher of Students with Exceptionalities.

Nancy M. Cline

The reason I serve as a WVCEC board member is that CEC, as the premier international professional special education organization, offers so many ways for me to grow, learn, share, and advocate as a special education professional. Each day, I strive to serve and contribute my best to our profession, students and their families, and educators. If I want to give my best, I must learn from the best. CEC is the best organization for me to become the best "speducator" I can be.


Last Updated:  8 August, 2022

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